An artisanal workshop for the production of sweet and savory artisan biscuits, handcrafted preparations to make homemade desserts and savory snacks to accompany your aperitif.


Get a lot of passion, add a lot of love for genuine things, a good dose of imagination and vision, a pinch of tradition ... work the ingredients with your hands and make good and quality products. Thus was born Kucino, a place to sift the best flours, break the eggs, mix the ingredients, cut the biscuits and then bake them, are not just the phases of a production process, but actions done with love and awareness. Everyday.


Good food, good things, made with genuine and natural ingredients, have come from the family tradition to date. They have survived time, in which they risked getting lost, events, moments of personal history and of a city, in a space that has become different and needs to be rebuilt. Our artisan reality brings the flavors and aromas of tradition and the new trends of sweet biscuits and snacks all over the world.


The craftsmanship is the heart of the philosophy of the Kucino brand: behind each biscuit there is the hand of a person, from the dosage of the ingredients to the control of the dough, tested according to the consistency, with the eyes and with the hands. You "listen" to the smell of the product until it is the right one and each biscuit is checked individually. Our products are handmade, with complete attention to the quality of the final product. Our choice is not accidental: an industrial process often requires changes to the recipes, a compromise that we have not accepted.

We have chosen CRAFTSMANSHIP: and it is the only one that gives us the guarantee of a product that transmits the quality of raw materials and workmanship.