by REDAZIONE on Oct 06, 2022

Abruzzo is a region that offers many flavors, thanks to the large number of typical dishes that characterize it and the Abruzzo desserts are a way of getting to know this land, rich in history and culture. The territory of L'Aquila was an area rich in almond trees: Above all between Poggio Picenze, Barisciano and Navelli you can still see many almond orchards, unfortunately almost all of them no longer productive. Almonds are therefore of great importance, present in most of the preparations of Abruzzo desserts, whole or reduced to flour, but above all protagonists of the famous Sulmona sugared almonds, the typical amaretti and the so-called hazelnuts. They are typical Abruzzo sweets, ancestors of sugared almonds, made with toasted almonds covered with sugar, and were prepared in the past for weddings and communions. The name (landed) derives from the fact that they look like small pebbles dirty with earth. The highest quality almonds are wrapped in caramelized sugar, according to the traditional recipe and with the artisanal method of hand processing. They can be considered as the ancestor or the simple but very tasty version of confetti. There are variants that also include egg white, chocolate for covering, cinnamon, rum, lemon zest, very good to accompany a coffee, but also as a delight to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, or for a sweet little break. One leads to another and you can't do without it!